Why Are Your Gutters Leaking?

We’ve all been there. You hear the soothing sound of heavy rain against your roof, and before you know it, your gutters create a waterfall on your front porch. Okay, that might have been an exaggeration; but leaking gutters can destroy some parts of your roof if you don’t fix them.

Gutters Leaking at Seams? Professional Help Key

If you’re wondering why your gutters are leaking, the answer is complicated. They might be clogged, which won’t take more than an hour to fix.

They could also be sagging from too much water, so you might need to replace them.

So, that’s exactly what we’ll look at in this article. We’ll focus on the major reasons why your gutters are leaking, as well as how to fix leaking gutters. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

leaking gutters

Common Causes of Gutters Leaking

Even though we don’t see much rain in SoCal, we’ve encountered several cases of gutters not doing their job. And these are the main reasons we’ve gathered as to why this happens.

The Gutters Are Clogged

Arguably the most common cause of overflowing gutters is the fact that they’re clogged. This doesn’t just go for gutters; your roof’s downspout might be filled with debris to the brim, which prevents the water from flowing downward.

But, more often than not, you’ll find that your gutters are full of leaves and dirt. In turn, the water will not flow properly, and the gutter won’t hold as much water as it should, leading to leaks.

Rust Has Taken Over

If the water becomes stagnant in the gutters and they’re not made from a rust-proof material, they’ll likely get rusty. The problem with rust is that it’ll grow even faster if you don’t take care of it immediately.

And the biggest issue with rust is that it weakens the gutter, destroying it from the inside.

Small Cracks and Holes Are Doing Big Damage

Directly related to rust, holes and cracks in your gutters are usually the main reason they leak. If you’ve noticed water drops right under them instead of overflowing, it is seeping through.

We’ll talk more about how you can fix this, but thankfully, you won’t need professional help (yet).

Gutters Leaking at Corners – Not Enough Sealant

If you’ve noticed your gutter leaking at the corners (also known as gutter miters), it’s a sign of a lack of sealant. In this case, you must inspect the edges of your gutter thoroughly to spot any cracks or holes in the joints.

Gutters Leaking at Seams – Loose Fasteners

So far, we’ve mentioned some causes of gutters leaking that you can fix on your own. But, now we’re getting into the more professional territory. If you’ve noticed the gutters leaking at the seams (the joints between gutters), it means that the fasteners have loosened.

This isn’t a simple matter. If your gutters aren’t tightened to the fascia (a part of your roof), water can seep through and destroy it. Or, even worse, it can cause your roof to leak, leading to mold buildup in your attic and walls. And let’s not talk about that awful smell!

Too Much Water Weight – Sagging Slope

While we’ve rarely seen this in SoCal, if your area experiences a lot of snow or rainfall, it can lead to sagging gutters. When that happens, the water becomes stagnant, which will destroy them on a whim, making them leak or overflow.

So, now that you know why your gutters are leaking, let’s see how you can fix this issue.

How to Fix Leaking Gutters ?

Since there are so many different causes for leaking gutters, the solutions will vary. Here are the ones that we consider the most DIY-friendly. Remember that all of these should be done when it’s sunny outside and with the gutter dry.

  • Clean them up: Simple enough, right? Considering that clogged gutters are the most common reason for water leaks, the one thing you should do is clean them up a couple of times a year. But make sure to be careful while you’re doing it. And always use work gloves!
  • Add new sealant: While this is somewhat more complicated if you notice cracks on your gutters, you should add silicone sealant to them. This way, you’ll be able to cover minor damage before it becomes significant enough to require a whole replacement.
  • Tighten the fasteners: For the more experienced DIYers out there, you can tighten the fasteners if your gutters are leaking at the seams or corners. But, once again, ensure you’re doing this safely while it’s not raining.
  • Contact a roofing contractor: If you have sagging gutters or are not experienced with maintaining them, contacting a roofing company is the best approach to fixing leaks.

We’ll Help You Fix Your Leaking Gutters the Wise Way

When your gutters are leaking, you’re risking further damage to your fascia, soffit, and the entirety of your roof. So, if you’ve not maintained them before, you should call up a roofing contractor. And if you’re in Southern California, we’re your best bet!

At Roofing Wise, we take care of roof installations and maintenance. And we’ve dealt with gutter maintenance for years. Contact us now at (833) 315-7663 for a free estimate!

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