What is the Longest Lasting Roof?

Whether you’re building a new house or just looking for a new roof, you’ve most likely wondered which one you should pick to last a lifetime. Finding the longest-lasting roof can be difficult and will be based on your location and how big your house is.

Searching for the Longest Lasting Roof?

what is the longest-lasting roof material? That would be slate.

Slate tiles are considered the longest-lasting roof type. Most slate roofs last a minimum of 70-80 years, with almost all of them exceeding 100 years. For flat roofs, look no further than an EPDM or BUR roof, as these two tend to last the longest at around 25-30 years.

That said, the initial investment needed for a slate roof, considering that it’s the most expensive one on the market.

So, in this article, we’ll cover a few more options to give you a true answer as to what type of roof lasts the longest. Plus, we’ll look at how the color of a roof’s shingles affects its longevity and how you can ensure your roof surpasses its expected lifetime.

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What Is the Longest Lasting Roof Material

While most houses in the US (and our home base in SoCal) go for composition roofs or use the ever-so-popular asphalt shingles, these are far from the longest-lasting roof material. Here are 4 roof types that will most likely outlast your neighbors’ roofs.

Slate Tiles

The fact that slate tiles are the kings of longevity in the roofing market has been covered extensively. These will last anywhere from 70 to 100+ years. Just take a look at old houses in Europe; their roofs are most likely from slate and are still holding up very well.

Admittedly, slate is the perfect material, despite being quite costly. It’s virtually weatherproof and fire-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your roof getting destroyed if you’re in SoCal.

However, keep in mind that their guaranteed longevity comes with a few caveats. For one, slate roofs are heavy, so they can’t be installed in every house. And, because slate is a natural material, it doesn’t come with a warranty.

That’s why you should check out some alternatives.

Concrete/Clay Tiles

The roof types that we can’t get enough of are clay or concrete ones. These are up there with slate tiles in terms of longevity, but they’re generally slightly cheaper. That said, clay and concrete roofs are still quite expensive. And you’ll need to get an experienced professional roofing contractor to install these, as they aren’t as easy to install as shingles.

But, with the proper maintenance, a clay roof can surpass a slate one. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that one of these in SoCal will last for a lifetime. Alas, make sure that your roof’s framing is adequate to hold these since they’re on the heavier side.

Metal Panels

We consider metal roofs to be the best of the bunch. They won’t last as long as the ones we’ve already mentioned, but they’ll also not make you break the bank to pay for their installation. Most metal panels will last between 40-60 years, with some lasting closer to 70 years.

The great thing about these is that they’re weatherproof, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient. So, they’ll last longer and save you money in the long run. That’s a win-win in our book.

Copper Panels

A subset of metal roofs is copper panels. Well, they’re not really a subset; a better nickname would be the king of metal roofs. That’s because these can last for more than 70 years while offering the same features as other metal roofing options.

What Is the Longest Lasting Flat Roof Material

When it comes to flat roofs, there are only two contenders for the longest-lasting roof material: BURs and EPDM roofs.

  • Built-Up Roofing: A built-up roof (BUR) utilizes bitumen and materials like fiberglass for waterproofing. In turn, these will last for around as long as shingles (20-30 years)
  • EPDM Roofs: EPDM roofs are slightly more expensive than BURs, but they also have a somewhat longer longevity, lasting upwards of 35 years.

What Color Roof Lasts the Longest – Dark vs. Light

A general rule is that light-colored roofs reflect UV rays, whereas dark-colored ones absorb all the heat. So, the energy-efficient option is light-colored ones, especially if you’re in SoCal. But, as for their longevity, we’d say that the difference isn’t significant, with light-colored roofs being slightly more durable (since they don’t absorb heat).

We’ll Choose the Longest Lasting Roof Type for You

Finding the longest-lasting material is essential when you’re looking for a new roof. While these can cost a fortune, they’re usually worth it in the long run. And, if you’re in SoCal, we can help you choose the best roof for your house!

At Roofing Wise, we strive to help every home in SoCal make a wise decision regarding their roof. Contact us now at (833) 315-7663 for a free estimate!

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