What Is A Roof Jack

Few homeowners take the time to thoroughly look at their roofs. Sure, everyone likes to admire their seemingly perfect roofing, but nobody seems to care about the little details. One such detail is the roof vent and, more specifically, the roof jack.

Roof jacks have two meanings in the roofing industry; they’re either a tool that we use to assist us in maintaining sloped roofs or a piece of metal placed around certain parts of your roofs, especially your roof’s vents.

Today, we’ll be focusing on the latter. We’ll cover everything you need to know about roof jacks, from what a roof jack is, to how to install roof jacks. But, for now, let’s find out what a roof jack vent is used for.

Roof jack

What Is a Roof Jack Used For

Roof jacks, or roof flashing, are sheets of metal that are placed under the pipes you see on your roof. These are called rooftop vent pipes and are meant to regulate the pressure within your plumbing pipes, as well as get rid of the sewage smells.

So, going back to pipe jacks, these are used to prevent water and other debris from penetrating the roof. In turn, if you’re currently dealing with a roof leak, there’s a chance that there’s a problem with your roof jack or any other pieces of roof flashing.

What Is a Pipe Jack

Pipe jacks are just a different name for roof jacks. They work exactly the same in that they stop snow, rain, and debris from getting inside your roof. Oftentimes, we’ve found that many new homeowners go for cheap options of pipe jacks, like rubber neoprene.

However, this isn’t the best idea. You see, most of these rubber pipe jacks will last around 5-10 years, while a roof usually lasts about 25 years, depending on the material and whether it’s properly maintained or not.

Plus, we’ve noticed that many homeowners take the DIY way, and their flashing lasts much less than that. So, having a professional install your roof jack is a must.

How to Install Roof Jacks

While they are entirely different, as we mentioned above, both pipe jacks (the flashing and the tools) have a similar installation process. And, even though any roof repairs must be done by professionals, we know that many of you are experienced DIYers.

So, here’s how you can install your very own pipe jacks.

Get On Your Roof

Every roof repair starts with you on the roof. But you must ensure that your roof is safe enough to climb up and perform any action. So, first, choose a day when the sun is shining so that the roof isn’t slippery.

Then, simply grab a ladder, climb up on your roof while wearing a good pair of work shoes, and find your roof vent. Also, grab yourself a small knife, as well as the pipe jack.

Lift Up The Surrounding Shingles

Pipe jacks fit right under the shingles next to the roof vent, so you’ll need to lift these. Simply slide your knife under these, and then remove the nails right underneath the shingles.

Install The Flashing

Now, it’s time to fit in the new pipe jack. First, remove the old one, which will require some effort, as you’ll have to also remove all the nails holding it in place.

Once you do that, though, simply slide the new one over the vent, secure it using the same nails on the corners, and then place the shingles back in place.

Install Your Roof Jacks the Wise Way

That’s how simple installing a new pipe jack is. These are essential, as they’ll ensure that no water gets trapped underneath the pipe, as well as prevent any roof leaks from happening. And, if you’re not yet used to doing these projects yourself, give us a call!

At Roofing Wise, we’ll cover all the roof maintenance you need. Call us at (833) 315-7663 for a free estimate!

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