What Are Common Roofing Mistakes To Avoid

The unfortunate time to say goodbye to your old roof has come. Despite being in great shape, every roof needs to be replaced at some point. It’s also normal to be afraid of the new roof installation. There are just so many roofing mistakes that might occur, right?

Well, there’s no reason to worry. We’ll cover some of the most common roofing mistakes below so that you can keep an eye out for them while your roof’s being installed. Plus, we’ll let you in on a few secrets on how to avoid these, whether you end up doing the process alone or with the help of a contractor.

We’ll mainly cover shingled and metal roofs, which are some of the best roof types and the most widely used ones in SoCal! For now, let’s take a brief glimpse at some of the general mistakes that can happen when installing any kind of roof.

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General Roofing Mistakes

Most roofing mistakes will allow moisture to seep through your roof, destroying it from the inside.

  • Inadequate Attic Ventilation: Possibly the most common roofing mistake we’ve noticed is insufficient attic airflow. This can cause minor problems like mold and mildew and severe ones like ice dams and trapped moisture.
  • Flashing: You must ensure that every part of your new roof is new. By reusing flashing, you risk water damage, even though it might look good on the outside. And the worst thing about this is that you won’t be able to notice it unless you have signs of a leaking roof in your house.
  • Underlayment: Though it’s commonly considered optional, you must install underlayment before adding the top layer of your roof. If you just add your preferred roof material on top of the decking, you’ve already sealed your roof’s fate.

Shingled Roofing Mistakes

With asphalt shingles being the most common roof type in SoCal, we had to focus our article on these. We’ve noticed several of these roofing mistakes whenever we’ve been called upon for maintenance.

Drip Edge Installed Wrong

As with all kinds of flashing, when the drip edge is installed wrong (or, even worse, not installed at all), you risk destroying your whole roof. The drip edge allows water to drain off and not seep through under the shingles.

Incorrect Shingle Overhang

Every shingled roof has an overhang. The issue is that many have an incorrect shingle overhang – either too short or too long. In both cases, you risk water damage or several shingles flying off once Santa Ana winds in the fall.

Nail Mistakes

We’ve encountered several mistakes regarding nails in shingled roofs, the most common being length-related. If a nail is too short, it’ll not stick to the deck, and the shingle will be prone to flying off. Also, leaving nails exposed to the elements or not adding enough per shingle (a minimum of 4 nails) will have similar results.

Shingle Mistakes

Mismatches and misalignments are the most common shingle mistakes. These mistakes occur when adding shingles from different manufacturers. But we’ve also had calls from DIY roofers who didn’t make the correct measurements for the shingles, consequently leading to water damage.

On top of this, one of the biggest mistakes that can be made during a shingled roof installation is not removing the old shingles, which is illegal in most of the US.

Metal Roof Installation Mistakes

The benefits of metal roofs make them an excellent choice for any house in SoCal – and the entire US, as a matter of fact. But there are plenty of metal roof installation mistakes on top of the ones we’ve already mentioned.

  1. Measurements: Metal roofs are made from several panels. So, when the measurements are wrong, the whole process gets pushed back by a lot. Thankfully, such mistakes are noticed before any work is done on the roof.
  2. Tightness: When the panels are too tight or too loose, the roof can suffer from oil canning or water damage, respectively. This comes down to how the fasteners are installed and how often maintenance is done.

How to Avoid Common Roofing Mistakes

The most common roofing mistakes are usually identified during routine maintenance. However, to avoid these, you’ll need to find a reputable roofing contractor who will obtain a roof permit and has proper insurance.

Plus, only good contractors will follow the manufacturer’s instructions word-by-word, thus making you eligible for warranties or even getting your insurance to pay for a roof replacement.

Good Roofing Contractor Is the Best Solution

With so many common roofing mistakes, it’s normal to be afraid that you’ll have to splurge a huge amount of money, even after installing your new roof. But fear not. A good roofing contractor will save the day. And, if you’re in SoCal, look no further than us!

At Roofing Wise, we have years of experience installing and maintaining all kinds of roofs throughout LA and Southern California. If you want your new roof installed the wise way, call us now at (833) 315-7663 for a free estimate!

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