How Do You Get Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement?

Welcome to Roof Replacement Insurance made simple. Discover a stress-free upgrade with expert guidance from Roofing Wise. Roofs are the most vulnerable part of any house. Whether it’s the rare hailstorm during the winter, or a wildfire in the scorching SoCal summer, your roof might get damaged by nature itself at any point. Hence why knowing how to get your insurance to pay for a roof replacement is vital.

The process of getting a new roof through your insurance can be time-consuming. Plus, you might not even be eligible for one if your roof is too old (over 20 years) or if the insurance company believes the damage was caused due to a lack of maintenance on your side.

Either way, finding out if your insurance will pay for a new roof is something that we can help you with. Let’s start out by looking at what roof damage homeowners’ insurance usually covers.

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Roof Replacement Insurance Guide

What Roof Damage Does Insurance Cover

Simply put, insurance will only cover damage on your roof that was caused by extreme weather conditions. From thunderstorms to the Santa Ana winds, any roof repairs will be paid for by your insurance as long as nature is at fault.

But there’s a pretty big caveat. You see, just because your roof got damaged during the rare SoCal blizzard doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get your insurance to pay for a roof replacement. You might not even be able to get a roof repair.

It all comes down to your roof’s condition before a natural disaster. If the proper roof maintenance didn’t take place, you’d not get a reimbursement.

Also, if the damage is deemed cosmetic, or the before and after photos show that the roof was badly damaged before the hailstorm took over, the chances of your insurance paying for a new roof are slim.

That being said, if your roof is too old, you might not have the chance to even file an insurance claim.

Will Insurance Cover Old Roofs

In general, roofs that are over 20 years old aren’t eligible for insurance unless they pass a roof inspection. Knowing how often roofs need to be replaced is a great way to understand if your insurance will pay for a new roof.

However, the best way to ensure your homeowners’ insurance covers old roofs is by having the necessary documentation. As long as you have a file with all the repairs that have been done to it, as well as several photos of it should be more than enough to justify an insurance claim.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the process of getting a new roof through your insurance.

Process of Getting a New Roof Through Insurance – Step by Step

Before you file for an insurance claim, take a few photos of your roof, specifying its damage. Also, gather all the information about when your roof got damaged and any maintenance you’ve done to it.

  1. Go Through Your Insurance Policy. There’s a chance that roof replacements aren’t included in your insurance terms. Make sure that this isn’t the case!
  2. Contact a Local Roofing Company for a Roof Inspection. This way, they can take a lot of work off your plate; plus, most roofing companies offer a free inspection, so you could contact several before filing a claim.

Pro Tip: Watch out for scammers, which are especially common after a natural disaster.

  1. File a Claim and Get Temporary Fixes Done. Once your roofing contractor has gathered all the necessary photos, it’s time to file an insurance claim. At the same time, if there’s severe damage to your roof, get some temporary fixes done to avoid its destruction.
  2. Schedule an Appointment With an Insurance Adjuster. Once you speak with your insurance agent, you’ll schedule a visit from an insurance adjuster. It’s a great idea to be joined by your roofing contractor to avoid any miscommunication between them and the insurance company.
  3. Learn the Repair Estimates. At this point, you should find out how much the roof replacement will cost. These estimates must be disclosed to your insurance so they can pay for the entire process.
  4. Wait for Approval From Your Insurance Company. After the adjuster inspects your roof and the roofing company provides you with the estimates, all you have to do is wait for approval from your insurance.
  5. Get Your Roof Repaired/Replaced. Once everything has been approved, it’s time for your roofing contractor to get to work!

A Good Roofing Company Is All You Need

Being aware of how to get your insurance to pay for a roof replacement after a natural disaster is vital, no matter where you are in the US. At the end of the day, a good roofing company will help you out immensely. And that’s where we join the party!

At Roofing Wise, we strive to make roofing a simple-to-understand as possible. If you’re wondering if your insurance will pay for a new roof and you’re based in SoCal, simply call us at (833) 315-7663, and we’ll take care of everything!

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