10 Common Roofing Problems and Solutions

Roofs can withstand a lot of hits throughout their lifetime. That’s why we love them, after all. But they’re not invulnerable. In fact, roofing problems are common, and they can set you back a lot of money if you don’t attend to them urgently.

There are several roofing issues that you might deal with, from roof leaks to a damaged roof to rodents chewing out holes in it. However, there are several other common roof problems that most homeowners in SoCal don’t look out for.

These are exactly the ones we’ll take a look at today. And apart from mentioning the most common problems, we’ll also give you a quick solution and how you can prevent them in the future.

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Top 10 Common Roofing Problems and Solutions

  • Roof Leaks
  • Damaged Shingles
  • Tree Damage
  • Poor Ventilation
  • Water (and Ice) Damage
  • Clogged Downspouts
  • Damaged Flashing
  • Animals
  • Membrane Issues
  • Bad Roof Installation

1. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are undoubtedly the most common issue you’ll deal with when it comes to your roof. The worst thing about them is that you won’t notice them unless they’ve done some serious damage.

The only way to truly fix these is to contact your local roofing contractor. But you can apply some caulking to prevent any further damage.

2. Damaged Shingles

We regularly get calls for damaged shingles right after the summer or the winter. With the Santa Ana winds at play, and the temperature changes, chances are that your shingled roof will sustain some damage.

Now, a full roof replacement or reroofing is unnecessary for a couple of broken or cracked shingles. Simply add some sealant to the crack and add a new shingle.

3. Tree Damage

Trees are a beautiful addition to any garden, but they can be a huge hazard to your roof, regardless of the weather. Low-hanging branches can scrape parts of your roof, leading to the two issues we mentioned above. Plus, there’s always a chance that the entire tree might cause significant damage to your roof.

In any case of tree damage, you have to contact your insurance as soon as possible. A roof replacement might be necessary in some situations.

4. Poor Ventilation

While it’s not too much of an issue itself, poor ventilation can cause a lot of roof problems in the long run. If your house and attic aren’t adequately ventilated, moisture can get trapped inside. This will slowly make the roof saggy, as well as promote mold growth.

The only way to fix this is by undertaking proper maintenance and any repairs needed.

5. Water (and Ice) Damage

A direct result of poor ventilation can be an increase in ice dams. In extreme cases, these can bring your whole roof down. But since we don’t get much snow in SoCal, ponding water can have the same effects.

To fix this, you’ll need to find the cause of why the water stays stagnant. If it’s a matter of an improper slope, you’ll require an entire roof replacement. But, the issue is usually caused by clogged gutters.

6. Clogged Downspouts

If you don’t clean up your roof often, twigs, leaves, and debris will get stuck in your downspouts and gutters, causing them to leak. Also, when your downspouts are full of debris, they can easily break at any point.

Thankfully, cleaning up downspouts and gutters can be done by every homeowner. Just make sure to take proper safety measures and keep your roof clean in the future.

7. Damaged Flashing

When the flashing (the metal strips in parts of your roof) is damaged or old, roof leaks become much more common, even in very light rainfall.

Contacting a roofing contractor, in this case, is a must unless you’ve replaced the flashing on your own before. Alas, the process isn’t that challenging or costly.

8. Animals

All rodents, from rats to squirrels, will try to access your roof when they desperately seek shelter. This means that they’ll chew holes which can be the reason why your roof is leaking.

The first thing you’ll need to do is contact a rodent removal company to get rid of them. Once your attic is rodent-free, you’ll have to attend to the roof damage they caused.

9. Membrane Issues

If you have a flat roof, chances are that you’ve used a silicone roof coating. While we absolutely love these, they aren’t invincible; punctures and tears are some of the issues you’ll have to deal with.

If you notice any of these, you should contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible to get them fixed.

10. Bad Roof Installation

A surprisingly common roof problem is a bad installation. If your roof isn’t installed properly, it will need to be replaced earlier than intended. Plus, you’ll face a lot more issues than you usually would.

The only way to ensure your roof is installed properly is by consulting a reputable roofing company like ours.

Let Us Fix Your Roofing Issues the Wise Way

If you’ve had the same roof over your head for the past couple of decades, you’ll most likely have faced some of these issues. While taking the DIY route is exciting, a professional roofing team will usually do a much better job, much faster.

At Roofing Wise, we’ve installed and maintained many roofing projects throughout Southern California. Contact us now at (833) 315-7663 for a free estimate.

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