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At Roofing Wise we know that shopping for a new roof comes with many questions. What materials, in what color, how long will it last, how soon can it be done, & more. ​

That is why we assign a dedicated project manager that follows you from A to Z and answer every question or concern you might have.


Should You Stay Home During Your Roof Replacement?

When the inevitable time to change your roof comes, you’ll have to deal with a whole bunch of worries. What type of roof are you going for, what material will you use, and which contractor will do the job? But, one question that seems to escape most homeowners’ minds is: should you

Solar Shingles: The Pros And Cons You Should Know

Solar Shingles: The Pros And Cons You Should Know

As the years go by and your roof slowly gets older and older, technology gets better and better. Imagine going back to the early 1900s and trying to explain to homeowners that within the next 100 years, their roofs would be able to produce electricity. Just by mentioning electricity, they’d think you’re

Seasonal Roof Maintenance Expert Guide 2024

Tips for Maintaining Your Roof in Different Seasons

Welcome to the Expert Roof Maintenance Guide! Unlock pro strategies for resilient and lasting protection, tailored for each season. Like the sturdy trees that weather the changing seasons, your roof stands as the first line of defense against nature’s elements. It’s easy to forget about the roof over our heads, but it

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